Rethinking Runtime Efficiency with GraalVM



Rethinking Runtime Efficiency with GraalVM


High throughput and state-of-the-art garbage collection make JVM a great platform for your applications. However, often enough to get better performance developers had to remove abstractions, manually tweak the code to follow certain patterns known to run faster, or use lower-level programming languages. Nowadays we have better compilers that don’t require such efforts and allow us to write readable code without sacrificing performance. You will learn about the GraalVM compiler and how it optimizes your Java code to create optimal machine code.

Also often enough we use deployment environments which value lower memory consumption and faster startup over throughput of the individual services. GraalVM offers a solution for such use cases too: GraalVM native images, that allow compiling your application ahead of time to an executable binary. We will look at how you can start using GraalVM native images, where they bring the most benefits, and what to expect from their runtime performance.

After this session, you'll be more knowledgeable about the tradeoffs of the GraalVM JIT and AOT and how to chose which works better for your use cases.


Java Engineers, mid to high skill






一般枠 (45分)




Oleg Šelajev
Oracle Corporation

Oleg Šelajev is a developer advocate for GraalVM, the JIT compiler and polyglot runtime for JVM. My role at Oracle Labs is to enable developers world-wide to learn more about GraalVM, make sure they can understand what it provides them and where to learn more about it or to try it. I act as a channel between the developers outside Oracle and the GraalVM team both for feedback and the community outreach.